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Finishing of steel by machining

We offer a broad spectrum of methods for surface machining of cold-rolled products made of stainless steel. Surface machining is carried out for the following purposes:

  • to hide surface defects of materials entailed by manufacturing processes – even quite deep scratches and abrasions,
  • to achieve eye-catching finishing of surfaces with aesthetic appearance.

We offer several procedures of surface brushing according to various technologies.

The maximum width of brushing on a flat surface is 170 mm.

Szczotkowanie powierzchni płaskich





The maximum diameter of tubes that can be finished by brushing is 180 mm.

Szczotkowanie rur

To achieve lustreless appearance of finished surfaces we offer the perfect solution that consists in pressurized shotblasting of surfaces with use of glass balls (SZK. 200 and KOR).

Dimensions of the shotblasting chamber: 800x870x640 mm

To achieve shining surfaces, in particular before electrochemical polishing, we suggest preliminary polishing (POL).


Should you like to get steel samples finished by machining, please let us know your address details and we shall send you samples free of charge by regular mail.